China officially the People's Republic of China (PRC), is a country in East Asia. It is the world's most populous country, with a population of over 1.3 billion. Covering approximately 9.6 million square kilometres, China is the second-largest country in the world by land area after Russia and is either the third- or fourth-largest by total area, after Russia, Canada and, depending on the definition of total area, the United States.

China's landscape is vast and diverse, with forest steppes and the Gobi and Taklamakan deserts occupying the arid north and northwest near Mongolia and Central Asia, and subtropical forests prevalent in the wetter south near Southeast Asia. The terrain of western China is rugged and elevated, with the Himalaya, Karakoram, Pamir and Tian Shan mountain ranges separating China from South and Central Asia. The Yangtze and Yellow Rivers, the third- and sixth-longest in the world, have their sources in the Tibetan Plateau and continue to the densely populated eastern seaboard. China's coastline along the Pacific Ocean is 14,500 kilometres (9,000 mi) long and is bounded by the Bohai, Yellow, East and South China Seas.

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  Code Tour Duration  
CNPEK03 Half Day Tour of Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City (exclude Meal) (Half Day)
CNPEK04 Half Day Tour of Summer Palace (exclude Meal) (Half Day)
CNPEK05 Full Day Tour of Tiananmen Square, Temple of Heaven and Forbidden City (include lunch) (Full Day)
CNPEK06 Half Day Tour Lama Temple and Confucius Temple (exclude Meal) (Half Day)
CNPEK07 Evening Acrobatic Show (without meal) (01-02 hours)
CNPEK08 Peking Duck Dinner with transfer from/to hotel (01-02 hours)
CNPEK09 Half day Hutong tour (with lunch and R/T transfer) (Half Day)
CNPEK10 Trekking on the JinShanLing Great Wall with lunch (Half Day)
CNPEK12 Good Morning Beijing (includes breakfast) (Half Day)
CNPEK13 Half Day Great Wall Badaling and Great Wall Museum (no Lunch and no Cable Car) (Half Day)
CNPEK14 Half Day Great Wall Juyong Pass (No lunch) (Half Day)
CNPEK15 Half Day Great Wall Mutianyu with Round Trip Cable Car (no Lunch) (Half Day)
CNPEK16 Evening Peking Kung Fu Show (01-02 hours)
CNPEK21 Peking Walking tour with Lunch (09h00-17h00 from/to hotel)

  Code Tour Duration  
CNSHA09 Half Day Tour Longhua Temple (or Jade Buddha Temple) and Yu Garden (exclude meal) (Half Day)
CNSHA10 Full Day Tour Suzhou By R/T Train (Incld Lunch) (Full Day)
CNSHA11 Full Day Tour Zhou Zhuang By Car (Incld Lunch) (Full Day)
CNSHA12 01 Hour Evening Cruise With Transfer Hotel/Pier/Hotel (01 Hour)
CNSHA13 Evening Acrobatic With Transfer From/To Hotel (01-02 hours)
CNSHA14 Good Morning Shanghai (include breakfast) (03 hours)
CNSHA15 Half day Shanghai Future Tour (Half day)
CNSHA17 Qibao village, JinShan market and TianZiFan and Small Glass museum tour with lunch (06 hours)
CNSHA18 Full day tour to Zhujiajiao with lunch (Full Day)
CNSHA19 Full Day tour to Wuzhen with lunch (Full Day)
CNSHA20 Shanghai Walking tour with Lunch (09h00-17h00 from/to hotel)

  Code Tour Duration  
CNKWL03 Full Day Lijiang River Cruise with lunch and private transfer (Full Day)
CNKWL04 Half Day City tour included the Reed Flute Cave and Fu Bo Hill (Half Day)
CNKWL05 Full day tour of Longji Terraces and minorities village with lunch (Full Day)
CNKWL07 Evening show in Yangshuo "Liu San Jie" with transfer from/to hotel in Yangshuo (01-02 hours)
CNKWL08 Countryside tour in Yangshuo (village, rice fields) by electric car (02 Hours)
CNKWL09 Cooking Class in Yangshuo (Half Day)
CNKWL10 Half day Bamboo Floating on the sidearm of the Li River with lunch at the river Bank & visit Moon Hill (Half Day)

  Code Tour Duration  
CNSIA03 One Way Transfer Airport/hotel with the visit to Han Yang Ling or V.V. (Half Day)
CNSIA04 Half Day Forest of Steles Museum, Grand Mosque, Drum and Bell Tower square (Half Day)
CNSIA05 Half Day Terracotta Warriors With Lunch (Half Day)
CNSIA06 Half Day City Wall, Bell Tower and Big wild Goose Pagoda (Half Day)
CNSIA07 Tang Dynasty Show at the Shaaxi Song and Dance Troupe with round trip transfer (with Dinner) (01-02 hours)
CNSIA08 Evening Night market with dumpling Dinner (Half Day)

  Code Tour Duration  
CNCAN04 CNCAN04 - Half Day tour to Chen Clan Temple, Chang Peng Free Market (or Qingping Market), Shamin old street (Half Day)
CNCAN05 Full day tour to Foshan included The Ancestrial Temple/Procelain Factory and Paper Cutting with lunch (Full Day)
CNCAN06 Full day tour to Zhaoqing Seven Star Crag Scenic Area with lunch (Full Day)
CNCAN07 Evening Pearl River Cruise with dinner (02 hours)

  Code Tour Duration  
CNHRB03 Half day tour of Songhua River, Central Avenue, St. Sophia Church & Jile Temple (Half Day)
CNHRB04 Half Day Tour of Harbin Amusement Park without lunch (Half Day)
CNHRB05 Full day tour of Songhua River, Central Avenue, St. Sophia Church and Jile Temple with lunch (Full Day)
CNHRB06 Full day tour of Sun Island, Tiger Zoo and Heilongjiang Provincial Museum with lunch (Full Day)

  Code Tour Duration  
CNSUZ02 Full day tour with lunch of Lingering Garden, Master of the Nets Garden, I.M. Pei museum, Silk Factory and Canals (Full Day)
CNSUZ03 Half day tour of Lingering Garden and Canals with lunch (Half Day)
CNSUZ04 Half day tour of Suzhou Museum and Lion Grove Garden with lunch (Half Day)
CNSUZ05 Half day tour to TongLi with lunch (Half Day)
CNSUZ06 Full Day tour to Zhou Zhuang with lunch (Full Day)

  Code Tour Duration  
CNWUX02 Half day tour of Li Garden, Xihui Park and Silk Museum with lunch (Half Day)

  Code Tour Duration  
CNHGH03 Full Day tour to Wuzhen with lunch (Full Day)
CNHGH04 Full Day tour to bike/walk along the West Lake/Lingyin Temple and Tea Plantation with lunch (Full Day)

  Code Tour Duration  
CNCKG05 Half day tour of Chongqing Zoo and Yangtze Bridge & Museum with lunch or dinner (Half Day)
CNCKG06 Full day Dazu Grottos (Boadingshan Carving) tour with lunch (Full day)

  Code Tour Duration  
CNWUH03 Half day Yellow Crane Tower & Hubei Provincial Museum tour with lunch (Half Day)

  Code Tour Duration  
CNNKG03 Full day tour of Mausoleum of Dr. Sun Yat Sen, Confucius Temple and City Wall with lunch (Full Day)

  Code Tour Duration  
CNKMG03 Half Day tour to West Hill include the Dragon Gate and Hua Ting Temple (Half Day)
CNKMG04 Half Day tour to visit the Bamboo Temple, the Golden Horse & The Green Rooster in the old town Quarter and the East and West Temple Pagodas (Half Day)
CNKMG05 Full Day tour to Stone Forest with lunch (Full Day)

  Code Tour Duration  
CNSYX05 Full day tour of Museum of Nationalities in Tongza, Chinese Culture Village and Taipin Mountain with lunch (Full Day)
CNSYX06 Full day tour of Central Square of Yalong Bay, Shell Museum, Pearl Farm, Tropical Aquarium and local market with lunch (Full Day)
CNSYX07 Full day Jianfengling National Forest Park tour with lunch (Full Day)

  Code Tour Duration  
CNCTU03 Full day tour of Leshan Giant Buddha and Lingyun Plank Road with lunch (Full Day)
CNCTU04 Full Day Tour to the Panda Feeding Centre, Wenshu Temple, the teahouse and stroll in Jinli Lane with lunch (Full Day)

  Code Tour Duration  
TC07 Shekou & Guangzhou in 1 Day (Join-in only) (minimun 3 paxs) (13 hours (not include hotel pick up time))

  Code Tour Duration  
CNKWE03 Half Day Tour to Ancient Town Qingyan with lunch (Half Day)
CNKWE04 Full Day tour to Dragon Palace Cave/TianLongTunPu ancient town (Full Day)
CNKWE05 Full Day tour to Huangguoshu waterfall/Stone village (Full Day)
CNKWE06 Full Day tour to Huangguoshu Waterfall and Tian Long Tunpu (Ming Era Village Fortress) with lunch (Full Day)
CNKWE07 Full Day tour to Zhenshan village/Qingyan ancient town with lunch (Full Day)
CNKWE08 Full Day tour to Xijiang Thousand Miao village (Full Day)

  Code Tour Duration  
CNDIG02 Half day to visit the Ganden Songzanglin Monastery (Half Day)
CNDIG03 Full day visit to the Pu Da Cuo National Park include the Shudu and Bita Lake and the old town with lunch enroute (Full Day)
CNDIG04 Full day visit the Ganden Songzanglin Monastery, Napa Lake, Tibetan Village Tangdui at Nixi with its black Pottery workshop and a Tibetan household visit with lunch enroute (Full Day)

  Code Tour Duration  
CNLJG02 Half Day visit the Lashi Lake with a boat cruise and then visit the Zhilin Temple (Half Day)
CNLJG03 Full Day visit the Yak Meadow of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain with up and down by cable car, the Naxi Minority Villages of Yu Hu (Dr Joseph Rock`s former residence) and the Baisha (Baisha murals), the black Dragon Pool, and also the old town with lunch (Full Day)
CNLJG04 Full day excursion to visit the First Bend of the Yangzi River at the Stone Drum Village, the Tiger Leaping Gorge with lunch enroute (Full Day)
CNLJG05 Full day overland drive from Lijiang to Zhongdian with visit to the First Bend of the Yangzi River at the Stone Drum Village, the Tiger Leaping Gorge with lunch enroute (Full Day)

  Code Tour Duration  
CNDAI02 Half Day tour to visit the Bai Minority Villages Xizhou included the morning market, family Yangs courtyard and to enjoy a three-coursed tea ceremony, then the Zhoucheng to see the tie-dyed clothe workshop and a local Benzhu Temple (Half Day)
CNDAI03 Full day tour include a cruise on the Erhai Lake to Jin Suo Island to visit the Bai Minority fishing village, and then visit the three Pagoda before taking a guided stroll in the old town with lunch (Full Day)
CNDAI04 Full day excursion to Weishan to visit the Weibao Mountain, and the old town of Weishan, the East Lotus Muslim village with lunch at local restaurant (Full Day)
CNDAI05 Full Day overland drive from Dali to Lijiang with the visit to the Bai Minority village Xizhou included the morning market, family Yang`s courtyard and to enjoy a three-coursed tea ceremoney, then the Zhoucheng to see the tie-dyed clothe workshop and a lo (Full Day)

  Code Tour Duration  
CNLHS03 Full Day Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Bakhor Street, Norbulingka Park with lunch (Full Day)

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