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TT32 - The hidden food menu of Hong Kong
  Duration of Stay : 6 hours

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Egg Tart & Milk Tea

The tour begins with some local tea time snacks, enjoy the famous egg tarts along with a cup of unique Hong Kong style milk tea, and our guide will give a briefing of the itinerary and Q&A session to you during the tea time..


Backstreet of Kowloon City

After the tea, walk along the backstreets of Kowloon City and explore different kinds of grocery stores. For example some Thai grocery stores and traditional Chinese dried seafood. Dried seafood is a common ingredient in Chinese cooking and traditional tonics. The wisdom in drying and preserving the precious seafood such as abalone and fish maw is simply amazing. You will pass through a list of other shops selling some interesting food and cooking ingredients such as sausages from Shanghai and noodles from Taiwan.


We will make a highlight stop at an old store since 1950s, expertize in liqourice fruits and exotic sauces. Our tour guide will challenge your taste buds with the shop’s wonderful and colourful selections of sweet, salty, bitter and spicy liqourice fruit candies.

Lok Fu Market Treasure Hunt

Next stop we will go to Lok Fu Market, a very new and clean style wet market in Hong Kong. We join the local house-wives at the market and explore how the experts choose only the best for the stomachs of their families.  We will raise some fun here by organizing a little “treasure-hunt” game to help the chef preparing dinner tonight. You have to find & buy some special ingredients in the market with the given coins. You are also asked to identify and take pictures of some special and interesting ingredients such as a bitter melon and salted duck eggs.


Chinese Tea Ceremony

Before heading to dinner, let’s enjoy a Chinese tea ceremony to get to know more about the important integral of Chinese food culture. Take your chance to ask more about different kinds of tea leaves and purchase some tea at a very good and reasonable price.

Dai Pai Dong

We drive to a very local area Sham Shui Po for the hidden gem - Dai Pai Dong. The popular open-air food stall used to be characterized by the street-side steel kitchen, untidy & noisy atmosphere and its best food quality at cheap prices. The traditional Dai Pai Dong kitchens are scarce today; the one we are showing you is well preserved and now twisted into a very good, clean and air-conditioned diner. You can witness on spot how the freshness and magic are thrown into the giant woks and turned into some delicious dishes by the master chefs.




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Languages :                 English / Mandarin / Cantonese (tri-lingual);

                                      Other languages are available on private tour basis

Pick up point :              Holiday Inn Golden Mile, Tsim Sha Tsui

Drop off point :             Holiday Inn Golden Mile, Tsim Sha Tsui

Pick up time:                Mon / Thur (14h00)

Duration:                       Approximately 6 hours


  1. This tour requires a minimum of 6 participants.
  2. Only set meals will be provided during tours, special requests on meals (i.e. vegetarian) cannot be arranged.
  3. Tours will be suspended when typhoon signal No.3 or Red rainstorm warning is hoisted anytime from 2 hours before tours begin.


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